Hello and welcome 🙂 Glad to have you here!
My name is Harshdeep Kaur the founder, the cook and the photographer behind this blog. I always had it that someday I will write a blog but never thought it will ever be a food blog. But then like we say life keeps surprising us and this one just came as one and here I am today introducing my first food blog “My White Platter”.
Cooking was nHarshdeep Kaur ot even a hobby a few years back; I used to stay happy with making a simple paneer (Cottage cheese) dish whenever need be. My interest in cooking came in when after my 12th board exams I attended few cooking classes and tried making something new every time. I owe this to my family more as they have been a better judge and the reason for me to improve my cooking skills. And some extra credits to my mom who is a great cook herself.
With this blog, I want to share some simple, easy to make healthy recipes. And I really hope this turns out to be inspiring and encouraging enough for all the readers to try it themselves. So join me in this journey where I bring out some good recipes with love on “My White Platter”.
I would love to hear from you for any query or feedback you can mail at mywhiteplatter@gmail.com

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